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Investment Basics Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Investment Basics - Research Paper Example Time frame; the investor will determine the time horizon for his or her investment. Risk capital; the investor will determine the amount of money he or she is willing to invest. Investment experience; the investor will describe his or her individual investment experience. The investor may choose one of the following statements; first, the client has never invested any cash in any financial instrument. Secondly, the client is comparatively a fresh investor, implying that he or she has invested for merely few years. The investor may also consider that the client has invested some of his or her cash through various pension and retirement plans for some time, and he or she prepared to establish extra investment plans. The client has invested for some time, and he or she has the capability to make sensible investment resolutions (Reilly & Brown, 2011). The client has invested cash for several years and has explicit knowledge of how capital markets operate. The client understands his or her investment goals; this involves determining the principal goal of the investment capital. The objective may be for preservation of capital, for current income for growth and profits, for long term growth, or antagonistic growth. Finally, the client will determine the actual investment he or she is considering. The actual investment will involve financial asset allocation among stocks, bonds and cash (Reilly & Brown, 2011). Bonds investors receive a fixed interest rate; therefore, bonds may provide a regular source of income. Bonds investors may fall under conservative, conservative to moderate and moderate risk categories depending on investors risk tolerance. Most investors invest in bonds to earn a fixed income; therefore, their risk category is conservative to moderate. Stocks may assist an investor to build long term growth of his or her investments. Stocks are deemed to be more risky investment than cash and bonds. Stocks may fall under moderate to

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Reserve Officers Training Corps Essay Example for Free

Reserve Officers Training Corps Essay a. Discuss how the mission and vision of the Mapua C.W.T.S. and R.O.T. C. objectives are respectively reflected in the C.W.T.S. and R.O.T.C. activities. The C.W.T.S. activities promote social awareness and civic consciousness by going to different communities and being aware of the situation of every family that is living there. It also promotes civic responsibility, since in those communities; the students will be on a hands-on application that involves project preparation, planning and implementation at the assigned adopted communities. The students were developed to be a productive member of the community and the students are trained to face responsibly their duties and obligations. They are also able to help the less fortunate and underprivileged people in the society through working with the community. While in the activities of R.O.T.C., the students are being trained, motivated, and organized for national defense preparedness. It will be discussed to the ROTC cadets the military concepts and field drills will be conducted as the practical application. They will be engaged in activities such as map reading and land navigation, basic signal communication, unit formations, basic weapons training and pre-marksmanship training that will develop their skills and capabilities to lead, move, survive and communicate. The cadets will also participate in activities such as the Foundation Day of the Institute, Intramuros Day, Blood Letting Activity, Tree Planting Program, Alay-Lakad and the conduct of routine flag raising and retreat activities that could inculcate in the youth the spirit of patriotism and nationalism, also in developing their vital role in nation-building. And, they will be engaged in activities related to livelihood and economic development that would develop their civic consciousness and good citizenship. b. Compare and contrast the activities of C.W.T.S. and R.O.T.C. The activities of C.W.T.S. and R.O.T.C. both promotes civic consciousness, civic responsibility and good citizenship for their activities involves going to different communities to help the unprivileged and economically poor people and activities related to livelihood and economic development. In the activities of C.W.T.S., the students are trained to be the leading experts in their chosen career while acknowledging their social obligation. The students are brought up to strive for the best in their field in the aim  that their skills and talents would contribute to the upliftment of the society‘s condition. The students’ empowerment will serve as a tool in the progress of their lives as well as those of others. While in R.O.T.C., some activities like the CTIS involves training in basic intelligence, map reading and land navigation, basic signal communication, unit formations, basic weapons training and pre-marksmanship training; in their Individual/Unit Training, it trains the cadets in visual tracking, military mountaineering and jungle base operations; in their Military Values Education the conduct of routine flag raising and retreat activities, weekly conferences, critique or after action review, orientation among the parents about the program; in their Military Livelihood Enhancement are activities related to livelihood. Generally, ROTC is designed to provide military training for preparation in national defense and CWTS is like a training ground for students in becoming a productive member of the society.

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Spanish American War :: essays research papers

The Spanish and American War The Americans were brought into The Spanish and American War on February 15,1898. The Americans came into this war because a naval boat of ours called the Maine was blown up. On that boat, 327of our sailors were killed in the explosion. With this explosion, the navy used it by having a slogan ,â€Å"Remember the Maine,† to get volunteers into the navy to help fight. We though that the Spanish were to blame for blowing up our ship. But, really there was something wrong with the engine which lead to the big explosion. This was not found till they lifted the ship out of the water in 1911. When this happened many newspapers journalist {yellow journalism} took advantage of the explosion and wrote whom they thought did the explosion or who did the people want it to be. One of these newspaper tycoons was William Randolph Hearst. He took great advantages of the war and stretched the truth to the extreme. He did this just to sell more newspapers and to make money. Hearst went over in h is personal boat and took pictures in Cuba of poor and starving people there. He even captured a couple of the Spanish soldiers and turned them over to the Americans. America fought because we had big money in Cuba. All together we had over a $250 million dollars invested there with sugar and other materials that we did not what to be destroyed. We also had $100 million dollars invested in the tobacco plantations, and $50million in transportation. Our president at that time was William McCleain. He did not want to get in this war because he hated war. But when he did he decided to take some other thing that we need also. These things are the Philippines, Guam, and Portico for navel passages. On April 11,1898 McCleain gave a speech to congress for war, and they approved it. The war looked in big favor for the Spanish because they had an army of 400,000 men and we only had only 28,000 men, but this changed after congress declared war. The national guard got 1million recruits during the war, this was the highest ever. In the war there were two generals from the Civil War. These guys are William Shaft who weighed 320 pounds. He had to get a special tub and had to be hoisted up onto his horse.

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Jesters Pies

The report examines an in depth analysis of the Jesters Pies and its brand equity in the market. The report also looks at the brand associations of the product through which it is being recalled by the consumer. Interviews will be taken by consumers of Jesters Pies in order to get an understanding of the brand association. This will show what consumers feel, think and do with the brand. The report will also look at the elements that make the brand up and make it was it is which includes the logo, URL , name and slogan. This is an important part of a company because if these elements aren’t used in a correct way then there is a higher chance the brand won’t be as successful. Having an effective name, logo and slogan can have a huge effect, just look at Nike and their ‘tick’ symbol. The third part of the report will focus on the Jesters marketing programme. This includes an analysis on the product, pricing, communication and distribution of the brand. This is more about how the company operates in actual business rather than what the consumers think about the brand of the company. Finally to wrap the Jesters report up recommendations will be made to the CEO of the company. These will be based on the consumer knowledge and marketing evaluation. These recommendations will be made so the company can use them in the future to help improve their business and overall brand. Company Profile Jesters are a franchising company in New Zealand who are specialist in making and selling pies. Their menu ranges from the traditional Beef Pie to the not so traditional Spud Delux. Their company motto sums them up pretty well; â€Å"serious about pies†. Jesters are New Zealand wholly owned and managed Pie Company. However the first original concept of it was started in Perth in 1997 when the idea of making the finest, healthiest pies in the market, was first created. Jesters pride their Jaffle Pie range to be of good quality, fresh, taste and health. Jesters are located in four cities nation wide which includes Auckland, Christchurch, Wellington and Dunedin. With the first being opened in 2002 at Lynn Mall shopping centre. The business is spreading fast with 34 stores being opened in Western Australia and many more planned. The reason for success Jesters feel is because of the niche $1 billion fast food industry, which they feel, is growing fast. Also because of the uniqueness of the brand and products for sale are new and interesting for the consumer. With over 15 varieties of pies Jesters feels there is something for everyone. The company also caters for your family or a party along with the sit in restaurant layout. The company promises to the customer†¦Ã¢â‚¬ you’ll never stop at one!† (Jesters, about Jesters, 2007) Analysis of Marketing Mix Product Jesters Pies is a unique company in the New Zealand market. Even though the product they are selling is just a pie, which can be brought from any bakery, it is the first to sell them in a fast food style restaurant. Jesters Pies offers 15 varieties of pies which appeal to a wide variety of customers. This is important because you want to cater to as many people as possible so you get more customers. Jesters also diverse their product from other pies by confidently saying that theirs are the healthiest and finest in the market. Another attribute of the pies is that the filling is low fat, lean meats and fresh vegetables, which you probably couldn’t say about your local bakery pie. The final attribute of the product is no artificial colourings, preservatives and MSG are used. This is a good look for the product as it has become so important for consumers in recent times to eat healthy, fresh food (Jesters Pies, 2007). Price Pricing is very important for a brand as it can create associations in the mind of the consumer. It can also be used to build brand equity. So a company needs to price its products correctly in order to get the most out of the consumer. Jesters’ pies are ranged from $3.50 to $4.10. With the $3.50 pies being the classic beef, mince and bacon and egg and the more expensive pies are the fancier ones with more ingredients such as the Popeye which contains spinach mushroom and feta. The pricing strategy they have I feel is good as the consumer gets what they are paying for. The pies are more expensive than the bakery, but are of much better quality and better ingredients are used. Distribution Channel Distribution can have a huge effect on the equity and success of a brand. Distribution is so important because it is the process of getting the product to the consumer. Jesters use a direct channel method to distribution where they sell their product straight to the consumer through their stores. This is probably the most effective way for a brand like Jesters .Jesters Pies stores can be found around New Zealand and in some parts of Australia. They are located in four cities in New Zealand. However all the stores in the Auckland area are found a long way out from central Auckland, with only one store being located in the CBD. However they do have stores located throughout the country so their distribution is pretty good. Promotion/Marketing Communication Promotion and marketing is very important for almost every brand in any industry. Without it you would not be able to get your product into the market and gain awareness from your potential consumers. Jesters have not done a huge amount of advertising that we could recall or find. From what we did find was mostly advertising for magazine and billboards. This could be one reason for the fact that their brand awareness amongst consumers is not very strong. Television is the strongest form of media and is the best for developing a brand image and creating awareness. However even without this the brand seems to be getting more popular which could be put down to things such as word of mouth. With a bit more promotion and marketing the brand could become very popular as it is a unique fast food outlet. Brand equity for Jester Pies Brand equity is an intangible asset that depends on associations made by the consumer. There are various perspectives from which to view brand equity. Brand equity just does not include the value of the brand, but it also includes the value of proprietary technologies, patents, trademarks and other intangibles like manufacturing know how (article 1). So in case of jesters pies, jesters jaffle pies are not oven baked like traditional pie, but they are cooked in a unique jaffle pie makers using ultra-thin light puff pastry and finest quality natural ingredients. Therefore the the difference in technical know how adds to the brand equity of the product. (article2.) Another way to measure the brand equity is the financial aspect of the brand. In this case one way to measure brand equity is to determine the price premium that the brand commands over a generic product. In case of jester’s pies, the pies are priced at $ 3.40 which is normally higher than most of the pies in the market place. As jesters pies have positioned itself as a quality product and people are also willing to pay more for a quality product, it commands high brand equity. Brand equity also represents the added value endowed to a particular product or a service as result of past investments in the marketing of the brand. (Article 1). In case of jesters pies it commands very good brand equity due to its advertising and promotion. Jesters pies has used three mediums of advertising that is print radio and TV. Brand equity also helps the brand to grow globally.( article 1) As jesters pies is a successful brand in Australia, it can use its good brand equity to expand further in new Zealand and other countries as well. Brand Associations These are the things that consumer relates or associate when they think about the brand. It can be how the brand makes them feel, what they think of the brand, what comes to their mind when they think of the brand or even what they do with the brand. The interviews were limited as we only interviewed four people, however the information we got back was good as all consumers had pretty similar answers. This shows that the consumers are all getting similar associations with the Jesters Pies brand. From the answers to the interviews we came up with the following brand associations. †¢ People are aware of the jesters pies because of its logo and the colours used in it. †¢ Most of the people when asked about jesters pies, they have a positive response like, ‘good quality for the price’. So they provide incredible value for money by giving fresh, quality natural ingredients. They also provide fresh vegetables, lean meats and guarantee every pie meets health standards. †¢ People are also attracted towards jesters pies are because of the variety of the pies and value meals the company provides. †¢ People associate jester’s pie as specialised pie outlet. †¢ Most people think jesters as a healthy meal which is free of artificial flavourings, colourings and MSG. †¢ People don’t associate jester’s pie with its other products like sausage rolls, wedges, or coffee. But they feel that some changes can be made by introducing chips to the menu. Recommendations This report has analysed the Jesters Company. It has looked not only the marketing programme side but also the side of the consumer. From what we have found from looking at these components the following recommendations can be made- †¢ Firstly from what was gathered in the interviews not a lot of the consumers had seen much Jesters advertising and if they had it wasn’t very effective. Jesters should start advertising through the most effective medium, TV, this will increase brand awareness. †¢ Another recommendation follows on from the previous one. Jesters need to develop more awareness amongst its target customers. From people we have spoken to a lot of them were unaware of Jesters pies and the brand itself. In order to be successful brand awareness needs to be built up amongst the potential customers. †¢ Another issue gathered from the interviews was that the people who consumed Jesters said they were limited because of the lack of restaurants in handy locations. Perhaps to get more out there in the market they could locate some stores in key areas like around universities and more locations in the CBD

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Nike Ethics Essay - 1475 Words

Nike Ethics Nike Incorporated is the number one leading sportswear and equipment provider in the world. They manufacture anything from casual clothes to sports equipment, shoes to socks, and basketballs to golf balls. As a result of its massive success, Nike employs nearly 30,000 people worldwide while manufacturing in 700 shops around the globe and has 45 offices outside the United States. Its extensive reach into the global market has Nike producing more exclusive products than any other manufacturer in the world. Nike’s headquarters is located in the metropolitan area of Portland, Oregon. Nike was first known as Blue Ribbon Sports, founded by University of Oregon track athlete Philip Knight and his coach Bill†¦show more content†¦Thanks for your commitment.† This kind of emphasis on ethics is not only meant to illustrate the value of Nike to consumers, but it is also meant to influence its suppliers. Nike is claiming that it will not conduct any sort of busines s with unethical suppliers. The first item on Nikes ethical policy list is the treatment of its employees. This is an important issue because it shows all members who work at Nike that they are the most important assets to the company. Without the employees, there would be no customers, and granted the relationship works both ways. It is easier to work in an environment that boasts the employee’s interest before everyone else. As with most companies, Nike is an equal opportunity employer. They do not discriminate against anyone based on race, color, sex, national origin, age, religion, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, and so forth. This policy applies to every aspect at Nike, which includes recruitment, hiring, training, advancement, and termination. Nike preaches a zero tolerance policy when it comes to harassment in the workplace. They claim that any report of harassment will be investigated in a timely manner and any violation will result in immediate corrective action. Nike further emphasized that they would like all employees to report any sort ofShow MoreRelatedThe Effect Of Ethics On Nike2167 Words   |  9 Pages The effects of ethics on Nike By Lorenzo Thompson 1508128 Marking Tutor: Graham Herstell Contents 1. Introduction 2. Morals, Ethics and Nike 3. Ethical theories in the ethics of sport 3.1. Three Frameworks 3.2. The Consequentialist Framework 3.3. The Duty Framework 3.4. The Virtue Framework 3.5. Putting the Frameworks together 4. Ethical Decision Making of Nike 5. Doping in Sport 6. Conclusion 1. IntroductionRead MoreNike Business Ethics2700 Words   |  11 PagesNike Ethical Dilemmas Ethical Audit Report Table of Contents Nike Ethical Dilemmas 1 Ethical Audit Report 1 Executive summary 2 Purpose of the Report 2 A Snapshot of Nike’s Business Ethics 3 Ethical Dilemma’s Facing Nike 4 Nike’s Best Ethical Practices 7 Conclusion 8 References 9 Executive summary As globalization increases the scope of the Multinational Companies (MNCs) to penetrate the market both for cost effectiveRead MoreEthics in Business: Overview of Nike Essay599 Words   |  3 PagesEthics is a major part in business, and every company that sells a product looking for profit is a business. In the American economy companies with the best ethics has the best profits. However companies occasionally fail to remain ethical in their activities, because they are too concerned with profits. Nike Inc. is a worldwide company that is very famous for their designs and apparel wear, also it is a multination corporation that is engaged in the design and marketing. However Nike has pros andRead MoreNike Ethics Case Study1215 Words   |  5 Pagesfrom mass ordering and mass production are opportunities Nike sorted to exploit. However, this is not with problems as might lead to loss of control, and moral concern like was the case with Nike raising concern relating ethical principle in business. In this paper, we shall be answering questions related to the complexities of expansion amid a globalize world drawing inspiration from â€Å"The Promise and Perils of Globalization: The Case of Nike†, a working paper presented by Richard M. Locke and AlvinRead MoreNike s Code Of Ethics Essay1506 Words   |  7 PagesNike first began it success four decades ago, but in the process has violated multiple laws in order to gain profit. Nike has had so many business dilemmas including issues such as, their Code of ethics, exercised social responsibility, global impact, and their ability to conduct sustainable businesses world-wide. There are a multitude of advantages disadvantages of the Nike Corporation. Furthermore, there are multiple ways Nike can overcome their financial crises as a company. The Nike CorporationRead MoreBusiness Ethics of Nike Inc.5528 Words   |  23 Pages1.0 Introduction Ethics, also known as moral philosophy that can be defined in basic term as what is right or wrong in humans’ morality. The definition of business ethics on the other hand, can be defined according by Wikipedia (2011), ‘a form of applied ethics or professional ethics that examines ethical principles and moral or ethical problems that arise in a business environment. It applies to all aspects of business conduct and is relevant to the conduct of individuals and entire organizationsRead MoreNike s Code Of Ethics1842 Words   |  8 PagesNike is by far the number one sports brand for shoes and apparel in the world today. With an estimated 30.6 billion dollars made in 2015 and an estimated 32.4 billion dollars to made in 2016, business is going to keep increasing. Nike is a company that always wants to be the best in everything they do. Whether thats the sales they produce, or the athletes they recruit to represent their product. The code of ethics is what separates them from the rest of the pack and allows them to be the best atRead MoreNike Ethics and Human Violations1308 Words   |  6 PagesLike other large corporations, Nike looked to expand their operations outside North America. Many companies do this because of the law and wage demands of the United States making overseas operations very appealing. Employment laws are scarce and labor is cheap in most third world countries and can be easily become targeted by giant corporations such as Nike. In the beginning, Nike probably selected countries like Indonesia and Vietnam because of the vast poverty level and wage demand given theRead MoreAdidas Referee Kits For International Association Teams1035 Words   |  5 Pagescountries.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Nike Inc.   an American multinational corporation that is involved in the design, development manufacturing and worldwide marketing and sales of footwear, apparel, equipment, accessories. Nike headquarter is located near Beaverton, Oregon, in the Portland metropolitan area. One of the world s largest suppliers of athletic shoes and apparel and a major manufacturer of sports equipment is Nike, with revenue in excess of US$24.1  billion in its financial year 2012. Nike has more than 44Read MoreNike Business Case Study1380 Words   |  6 PagesIntroduction In the business culture, it is crucial for a business to behave ethically. Ethics can be defined as, â€Å"the study of how people ought to act† (Lecture 1, 2017). Businesses do not behave ethically because they think their profits will increase, even though unethical behaviors can be costly to a company. When a business acts ethically correct, society benefits from the encourage economic competition, people feel better about working for that company, and it s the right thing to do which

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Essay on The History of School Uniforms in the United States

The history of school uniforms in the United States public schools begins with small underprivileged school of Cherry Hill Elementary in Maryland and the domino effect that happened soon after in the years after. The popularity of school uniforms can greatly be credited to the Long Beach, California study and President Bill Clinton’s speech on the topic. At first, school uniforms were only for the private or Catholic private schools however the school uniform trend spread to other public schools to adopt the â€Å"preppy look† and success. This has now set new standard for the United States school system. A brief history of school uniforms will give a significant insight on the growing development that is transforming American schools. In the†¦show more content†¦This program was meant to solve low attendance, discipline problems, gang violence, and sexual assault. After a year of uniforms, the overall crime rate in the school system was down by ninety percent. Assault was down by eighty percent, vandalism by seventy percent, and suspension by ninety percent. This prompted other districts to follow including Los Angeles, San Diego, and even New York. President Bill Clinton caught word of the new trend of school uniforms on January 23, 1996 prepared the State of the Union Address at the United States Capitol where he addressed the subject. In this speech he, â€Å"challenge all our schools to teach character education, to teach good values and good citizenship. And if it means that teenagers will stop killing each other over designer jackets, then our public schools should be able to require their students to wear school uniforms†. President Clinton called for the children of the nation to evaluate themselves on who they are and not what they look like on the exterior. He acknowledged Long Beach public schools for wearing uniforms and even visited the students. The New York Times reported on the President’s speech saying he is â€Å"putting discipline and learning back into our schools†. Interestingly enough, President Clinton was first introduced to the idea of mandatory school uniforms from the First Lady. The New York Times reported that this was in no way mandatory for all states to adopt and thisShow MoreRelatedThe Debate over the Implementation of School Uniform Policies in our Schools:743 Words   |  3 Pageshave been many debates over the implementation of school uniform policies in our schools. Opinions are formed about the appearance of uniforms powerful effects on the way in which a student should dress. This significant role of attire relates to how students could relay a message to themselves and others. In addition, uniforms are one of the most serious administrative concerns in our public school system. I strongly favor the fact that school uniforms are perfect because they assist in helping studentsRead MoreSchool Uniforms, Good Or Bad? Essay1740 Words   |  7 Pagesparents who don’t agree with school uniforms. They will immediately reject them because to them these uniforms restrict the student s’ freedom of expression. After picking this topic. I wanted to take the negative of it because I want to freely choose the clothes that I want to wear. I didn’t want someone to choose the clothes that I’m going to wear. After, a while of researching this topic, I decided to take the positive side of school uniforms. In fact, these uniforms will help students become moreRead MoreShould School Uniforms Be Mandatory?1280 Words   |  6 PagesThroughout my time in school I was consistently filled with anxiety over looking my best, and I am sure many other people (girls especially) felt this from middle school through high school. The solution is uniforms! In schools where uniforms are not mandatory, the stress of â€Å"keeping up with the Jones† can create a lot of differences and struggles for students. Having mandatory uniforms in schools would create a safer and more welcoming environment for students, limit their stress, and lets themRead MorePros and Cons School Uniform1515 Words   |  7 PagesPros and Cons of School Uniforms Trina Warren Liberty University Professor Mink GRST 500/501 June 17, 2013 Abstract The decision for school district to enforce school uniforms has been in existence since the 16th century. School uniforms were originally created for poor children; however, over time, schools saw uniforms as a way to bring students together. There has been debate whether uniforms improve academic success while reducing affiliation of violence. There is opinion and study thatRead MoreStudent Learning Outcomes : Business Law1535 Words   |  7 Pageslaw and statutes can be applied directly to businesses and business transactions. Although civil law codes can be found throughout the individual states law codes; the predominate system of codes is the common law system. The essence of law is a body of rules and traditions that govern the conduct of businesses and business transactions. United States law has its roots in the British system of common law. British common law was derived from the writs issued by English royalty each writ specificallyRead MorePros And Cons Of School Uniforms1158 Words   |  5 PagesSchool Uniforms: Are Boomers and Stickers Affecting the Way People See Them? People say that school uniforms are a good thing. They prevent bullying, they are easier for parents to dress younger students, and they help students focus on studying, not what they are wearing. Are school administrators or boomers of the American school systems causing students to become Wendys Berrys version of stickers? Having students wear school uniforms have several pros and cons to them, including the costRead MoreAnnotated Bibliography On How Uniform Policy Swept U.s.919 Words   |  4 PagesBibliography Chandler, M. A. (2015, Oct 01). No uniform policy on what to wear. Washington Post Retrieved from In the Washington Post newspaper article stated the claim of how uniform policy swept U.S. in the school year of 2011-2012 to improve academics for the lacking students. Chandler says that according to federal data 20 percent of school districts made it necessary for students to wear uniforms. The uniform take-over caught the attention of researcherRead MoreEducation in Vietnam vs America Essay1219 Words   |  5 PagesPhung Nguyen English 112 D18 Professor William December 10, 2014 Education System in Vietnam versus in America â€Å"The United States system of education that has been created for students in Kindergarten through High School is the best educational system in the world. No exceptions. No disclaimers. No doubt. It is simply the best† (Pat Quinn). This means that in many other countries, especially developing countries, the education systems are still old, and Vietnam is one of those countries. AlthoughRead MoreHistory Of Uniforms : The United States970 Words   |  4 PagesHISTORY OF UNIFORMS -- THE UNITED STATES School uniforms were first implemented in the early 1900s and were used for the schooling of minorities, specifically Native American women (Dussel, 2006). In 1996, the US Department of Education reported that only three percent of public schools mandated uniforms. As a result of the belief that uniforms make schoolrooms more orderly and disciplined, President Clinton encouraged schools to adopt uniforms (Gentile et al.,2012). Shortly after, uniforms wereRead MoreHigh School Should Not Dress Codes1426 Words   |  6 PagesHigh School should not have dress codes. Dress codes are going to be broken no matter what. Kids like to express their feelings through music, their rooms and you guessed it their clothing. Yes some kids go over the top with their clothing but if your going to punish anybody then punish them. But with that I think high school should have dress codes. With great freedom comes great responsibility. If you want to be the center of attention then go somewhere else and do that. School is for learning

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Financial Analysis For A Company s Performance - 1203 Words

Charles_T._Horngren (2005) stated that â€Å"people perform financial analysis for different reasons, Supplier want to see if a customer can afford a price hike, Customers want to know if a company will still be around in a year to honor a warranty, Managers, creditors, investors, and the CEO’s all have their reasons for reading the statements, regardless of your interest in the company. Financial statement analysis involves using financial data to assess some aspect of a company’s performance† Horngren added †Although many analysis methods exist, the cornerstone of financial statement analysis is the use of ratios† Financial ratios analysis can measure the firm liquidity, solvency, profitability and market prospect Eljelly (2004) elucidate, that† efficient liquidity management involves planning and controlling current assets and current liabilities in such a manner that eliminates the risk of inability to meet due short-term obligations and avoids excessive investment in these assets. The study found that the cash conversion cycle was of more importance as a measure of liquidity than the current ratio that affects profitability†. Liquidity ratios measure the company’s ability to meet its maturing short-term obligations. In other words, can a company quickly convert its current assets to cash to meet its short-term obligations? Therefore, Liquidity ratios are very significant to investors and creditors since it helps them to identify how easily company will be able to pay offShow MoreRelatedPerformance Analysis Of The Company s Financial Statement785 Words   |  4 Pages Managers within a firm, including the owners and lenders, need to track the firm’s performance in order to be successful. Those individuals are able to review performance through analysis of the company’s financial statements. A firm’s financial statement consists of a firm’s income statement, balance sheet, and cash flow (In/Out). Businesses use these reports to understand the financial position of the firm. The reports can also serve as a tool when making decisions on how the firm will operateRead More A Critical Evaluation Of Financial Performance Essay1689 Words   |  7 PagesA CRITICAL EVALUATION OF FINANCIAL AND OPERATIONAL PERFORMANCE THROUGH 360 DEGREE ANALYSIS LALIT MOHAN (Research Scholar) Deptt. Of ABST, University of Rajasthan, Jaipur ABSTRACT Though 360 degree analysis is related with human resource management but here the 360 analysis will include the overall analysis of operational and financial performance from every angle. In human resources or Industrial psychology, 360-degree feedback, also known as multi-rater feedback, multisource feedbackRead MoreFinancial Analysis Of Hyundai Motors And Ford Motors1617 Words   |  7 Pages Financial Analysis Management Hyundai motors and Ford Motors July- 2,2015 Student ID- 1327885 Subject code: 7203 Table of Contents Introduction 2 Hyundai Motors 3 Ford motors 4 Objective of Financial ratio analysis 4 Ratio Analysis 5 Comparing Financial Analysis 5 Key Financial Ratio 6 Profitability 6 Net profit ratioRead MoreEssay on Marketing Strategies970 Words   |  4 PagesGenerate-Leads.aspx Content:  The decision content includes market opportunity analysis, brand development, advertising, pricing and basic sales force management decisions. It also includes a simplified profit analysis. Decisions by Quarter Quarter 1: Setup your company, evaluate market opportunities and prepare for test market. †¢ Determine desired image of company - Designate a company name †¢ Analyze market opportunities—evaluate segments, geographic markets, and potentialRead MoreRatio Analysis Evaluating Past Performances and Predicting Future1498 Words   |  6 Pageslimitations ratio analysis is widely used as a means of evaluating the past performance and predicting the future successes or failures of business organisations.† Ratio analysis isn t just picking different numbers from the balance sheet, income statement, and cash flow statement and comparing them. Ratios compare facts against previous years, the industry, other companies, or even the economy in general. Ratios look at the relationships between values and relate them to find out how a company has performedRead MoreFinancial Analysis of Apple Inc.795 Words   |  4 PagesFinancial Analysis (Submitted by) Abstract The following paper aims at discussing the financial position of the American multinational corporation, Apple inc., which designs and markets consumer electronics, computers and personal computers mobile communication devices, and portable digital music and video players, as well as sells various related software, services, peripherals, and networking solutions. Apple Inc. together with subsidiaries sells its products worldwide through its onlineRead MoreFinancial Analysis : Business Enterprise1614 Words   |  7 Pagesthe future can be corrected, but late decisions are worthless. Financial analysis procedures can be used not only for the previous financial information to evaluate, but also further its activity forecast made in order to assess the pre-financial reporting quality. Each business enterprise in order to survive in the market has to ensure that its activities are profitable as possible. On the profitability of the potential deal from company accounts, which provide a lo t of information management in makingRead MoreThe Importance Of Income Statements And The Types Of Expenses1058 Words   |  5 PagesIntroduction Firm managers, owners, and lenders, keep track of the firm’s performance by reviewing financial statements, income statement, balance sheet, and statement of cash flows. This portfolio will explain the purpose of income statements and the types of expenses that are shown on an income statement. Also, clarify types of assets and claims of creditors and owners shown on a balance sheet. As well as define the three different accounts that comprise the owners’ equity sectionRead MoreJournal on Financial Ratio Analysis1157 Words   |  5 PagesSession 15: Limitation of Ratio Analysis Learning Objective Explain to the participants on the limitation of ratio analysis. Important Termss Creative accounting. Accounting Policies. Limitations of Ratios Accounting Information Different Accounting Policies The choices of accounting policies may distort inter company comparisons. Example IAS 16 allows valuation of assets to be based on either revalued amount or at depreciated historical cost. The business may opt not to revalueRead MoreFinancial Management Of The Healthcare Organization1371 Words   |  6 PagesFinancial Ratios Analysis Raven Washington MHA 612: Financial Managerial Accounting Professor Jack Lazarre October 27, 2014 The financial management of the healthcare organization needs to handle financial matters carefully in order to perform well. Ratio analysis is a kind of financial statement analysis that is utilized to get a fast indication of an organizations financial performance in most important sectors, for that reason the healthcare organization must utilize ratio